Herbal Medicine For Diabetes

Herbal Medicine For Diabetes
Herbal Medicine For Diabetes
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    Being preferred as trusted manufacturer and exporter, we are providing to the industry the effective collection of Herbal Medicine For Diabetes. These medicines are helpful in treating various kinds of diabetes in fast and safe manner. Perfectly processed by using herbal extracts, our range is considered as the highly effective solution. After getting processed, our packaging agents pack these Herbal Medicine For Diabetes to ensure long shelf life and purity levels.



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    Further Details:


    • Medodeb Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels

    • Aids type 2 diabetes management

    • Helps to reduce cravings for sugary food

    • Reduces risks of heart, eyes and kidney diseases in diabetics

    • Helps to speed up the wound healing process

    • Helps to prevent nerve damage or diabetic neuropathy

    • It Stimulates the Production of Insulin and Minimizes Its Peripheral Destruction

    • It Is Also Effective In Various Urinary And Skin Diseases.


    What causes diabetes?
    Glucose is the main source of fuel for the human body. The carbohydrate and sugary foods in our meals supply our body glucose. After we eat, the glucose level rises in the blood. The hormone insulin, secreted by the beta cells in the pancreas, helps the body cells to absorb the glucose from the bloodstream. In diabetics, either the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin or certain conditions reduce the body’s sensitivity to insulin. When the cells fail to absorb glucose, the glucose released in the bloodstream after digesting carbohydrates, remain in the blood. As a result, diabetics suffer from high blood glucose level.

    Complications of diabetes
    Diabetes is a chronic health disorder. High blood glucose level for a prolonged period could damage your retina, kidneys and nerves and increase the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Untreated diabetes slows down wound healing, increasing the risk of infections

    How Medodeb can help diabetics
    Medodeb combines several herbs with proven abilities to reduce abnormally high blood glucose level and prevent complications linked to this chronic health disorder. For thousands of years, practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine have used herbs for managing diabetes. Medodeb contains Jamun Beej, Aam Guthli, Karela Beej, Gurmar, Methi Beej, South, Sena Leaves & Babool, which would help to keep your blood sugar level under control and would reduce the likelihood of developing diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy and heart diseases. Medodeb is a 100% vegetarian product. It does not contain sugar, salt, gluten, wheat, dairy products, yeast and artificial color. Hence, it is perfectly safe for people with certain food allergies.

    FAQs about Medodeb

    What exactly Medodeb does in our body?
    Medodeb may be used as an excellent supplement for anyone with diabetes who needs help to keep sugar levels stable in the blood and to decrease the craving for sweet foods. Medodeb is the perfect companion for our all-herbal Insulate Plus for treatment of diabetes and healthy living. Use Medodeb in conjunction with Guggulu and Turmeric (Haridra) regularly to ensure systemic balance of biochemic tissue salts and sugars in the body. The product also optimizes health at the cellular level, and helps to relieve symptoms of disease and restores overall health and vitality. It also helps overcoming the lethargy that is due to diabetes and accelerate the wound healing that is highly affected in diseases like diabetes.

    What are the hazards of diabetes?
    Diabetes is considered as the 'mother' of the diseases. Over the times, it can bring lots of complications such as diabetic neuropathy (nervous disorders), nephropathy (kidney diseases), diabetic foot (ulceration of the foot) and it can also bring heart diseases. They target kidney, liver, brain and heart and many times, if left untreated, can bring fatal conditions.

    My mother is suffering from diabetes type I, I am getting her Medodeb. Is it okay?
    2. A - Yes, it is certainly OK! But we would like to inform you that the blend of herbs used in Medodeb can help in reducing diabetes but it is of type two and not one. Type one is insulin-dependent diabetes that requires additional supplements of insulin since your mother's beta cells of pancreas have stopped producing important hormone. However, Medodeb can help controlling the disease but it should not be entertained as 'first line treatment for diabetes type I'.

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