Questions About Nutritional Supplement

Questions About Nutritional Supplement
Questions About Nutritional Supplement
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Questions About Nutritional Supplement

Few Questions about Nutritional Supplements

Q: What are Nutritional Supplements?

A: Nutritional supplements, in general, are concentrated, natural quality foods. The fact that they are natural means they are easily identified and used by our body and contrary to synthetic nutritional supplements, they often have no side effects. Different cultures around the world have been using nutritional supplements extensively for the past thousands of years

Q: Once I start taking nutritional supplements, how long will it take them to give an effect?

A: Scientific investigations suggest that nutritional supplements typically take 12 weeks to give an effect. This is because the doses of supplements you ingest every day have to be distributed throughout all of the body's billions of cells and that, as you can imagine, may take a little time!

Q: Will I get more effect the longer I take nutritional supplements?

A: YES. Many scientific studies demonstrate that the longer you take nutritional supplements, the stronger the disease preventative and life prolonging effects. For each year you take nutritional supplements, the greater the effect.

Q: Why is it important to take nutritional supplements every single day?

A: If you want the nutritional supplements to work, it is very important that you take them every day in the correct dosage. The dosage is as important to supplements as it is to pharmaceutical drugs; when your doctor prescribes you three penicillin capsules a day to treat pneumonia, taking just one capsule a day is not going to cure the infection. Similarly, nutritional supplements are not effective if they are not taken every day at the prescribed dose

Q: Can I experience side effects from taking nutritional supplements?

A: In general, when taken as prescribed, nutritional supplements do not have any side effects. However, when you begin to take nutritional supplements for the first time, you may experience some detox symptoms during the first few weeks. These symptoms are due to the fact that some supplements are cleansing your body from accumulated toxins (detox), and in most cases, are not a sign of intolerance or allergy to the ingredients. These symptoms may include skin impurities, nausea and fatigue, but are just temporary until the body has cleansed itself of the toxins. Some people, however, do have allergies to certain ingredients such as shellfish, which is why you should seek advice from a medical professional experienced in nutritional medicine.

Q: Can I take nutritional supplements if I am taking pharmaceutical drugs?

A: Very often, the effect of a pharmaceutical drug is increased when taken in conjunction with nutritional supplements. However, some medications can interact negatively with nutritional supplements, so you should always check with a medical professional experienced in nutritional medicine before you start taking supplements.

Q: Can nutritional supplements prevent diseases?

A: Taken in correct doses, many nutritional supplements can prevent modern-day diseases

Q: Are nutritional supplements safe?

A: YES. Serious side effects from nutritional supplements are extremely rare. In contrast, it is a scientifically documented fact that pharmaceutical drugs, even when correctly prescribed, are the fourth most common cause of premature death, after heart disease, cancer and stroke respectively

Q: Are nutritional supplements a waste of money?

A: YES, if you take the wrong nutritional supplements and/or take the wrong dose.

 NO, if you take the right nutritional supplements in their correct doses.

Q: Why hasn't my doctor recommended that I take nutritional supplements?

A: Unfortunately, there are still many doctors that have not had the time or taken any interest in reading the thousands of published scientific studies about nutritional supplements. More than 1.5 million articles published in scientific journals are available to everyone on MEDLINE, the world's largest medical database

Q: If I eat a healthy, balanced diet why would I need nutritional supplements?

A: It is a fact that 98 percent of us DO NOT get even the low RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) amounts of all the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and avoid unnecessary chronic disease and premature death. A healthy, balanced diet nowadays only prevents.

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